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Careers 360: Opportunities in Every Direction

We offer a range of courses to help promote employment for our consumers and our community. All our Services are available for both adults and youth with disabilities.

About Careers 360

The Career Development Program prepares you to achieve and maintain the career of you want by providing employability services such as employer networking, job referral, employment support and job retention to individuals with disabilities. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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“A cornerstone of our culture at Pitney Bowes is the fundamental recognition that the health of our company, the well-being of our employees, and the opportunities we can create in the communities where we live and work are inextricably intertwined. Our partnership with the ILRC is a shining example of those guiding principles in action. We are so pleased to help employ workers with disabilities and to serve as an example of the effectiveness of this program. It has truly been a win-win partnership as the individuals we employ through ILRC make positive contributions to our business and immeasurable contributions to our team and culture.”

-        Debbie Pfeiffer, President, Pitney Bowes Presort Services

Services through Careers 360


The ILRC career readiness program prepares employees for success. Our agency offers resume writing, mock interviews, business etiquette and hard skill set training. Each person is ready on day one.



The ILRC has qualified candidates looking to join your work force. Our agency is goal oriented. We take time to understand the goals, wants, needs and desires of each candidate to your future employee finds a career with meaning and fulfillment.


Success is measured not by placement, but retention. The ILRC works with both employer and employee to ensure a profitable match. Follow along services are provided to each employee. Our agency provides each employer with resources, disability sensitivity trainings and support for success.


Career Choice Employment Readiness Course:

These classes are developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Throughout the duration of this course, participants will receive information and training to obtain necessary skills to compete more effectively in the job market. There is no cost for this self-empowering course.


Session 1

  • Resume Writing & Development
  • Local Labor Market-Employment Info/Local Industries

Session 2

  • Search and Apply for Jobs Online
  • Finding and Completing Job Applications


Session 3

  • Navigating the Community
  • Finding and Completing Job Applications


Session 4

  • Personal Interactions & Handling Conflicts
  • Navigating Public Transportation
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training

Session 5

  • Payroll Deductions, Insurance Benefits, Safety, Inc.
  • Financial Literacy


Consider us Career Matchmakers

The ILRC takes the time to understand the goals, wants, needs and desires of the people we serve. Additionally, we consider it our job to know what skills and traits your business is looking for in a new hire. Through thorough assessment, evaluation and screening of both employer and employee we create a formula for employment success.

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A Success that Sticks

Success is measured not by placement, but retention. Our employment specialists monitor the new hire for a minimum of 90 days to ensure of a profitable match. Additionally, each employer receives resources, disability sensitivity training and support for success. Businesses who hire ILRC candidates report a higher productivity rate, improved retention, and an overall increase in staff morale.

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Employee of the Quarter

The ILRC would like to congratulate Joshua Spearin for his new job working at NAS Jacksonville Mayport. He worked with the ILRC Employment Services department, and together they found they perfect job placement. Josh is one step further on his journey to independence! Make sure you congratulate Josh on his new job if you see him out at May-port!