Outstanding Victim Advocate Award: Angela McKinley

OUTSTANDING VICTIM ADVOCATE:  ANGELA MCKINLEY Angela McKinley has been a victim advocate at the Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) for over 10 years, where she specializes in assisting individuals who are Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing or who have other disabilities that make them particularly vulnerable.  People with disabilities frequently experience significant barriers to reporting crimes […]


CIL Day 2018

The ILRC’s Youth Advisory Council joined delegates from other Florida Centers for Independent Living at our State’s Capitol. Thanks to Farah and Farah, Regions Bank and Florida Vocational Rehabilitation for making this day possible! The ILRC Youth Advisory Council is made of 13-17 members of our community with disabilities between the ages of 13-25. The Council’s goal is to represent the full spectrum of disability and cultivate leadership skills for all youth with disabilities.

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Community Action Needed! SB 588: A Critical Update to Florida’s Hate Crime Law

SB 588: A Critical Update to Florida’s Hate Crime Law Tell the members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee to pass this critical update to Florida’s Hate Crime Law! The Florida Hate Crime Coalition (FHCC), spearheaded by the Anti-Defamation League, is urging a Florida Senate Committee to support Senate Bill 588, which through critical updates […]